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Thinking about recruiting at Oxford?

Recruiting at Oxford is fiercely competitive for employers as well as students. At OFS, we’re here to ensure you stand out in a crowded environment, building your brand identity on campus and enabling you to meet your recruitment needs. 


We can leverage our extensive marketing reach to promote your opportunities; we regularly share events and opportunities with the 2,700 students who subscribe to our mailing list, and to our over 5,500 social media followers, and with our 44 college representatives.


In addition, we can organise events to connect you with some of the university's brightest and most motivated students, and with some of its leading diversity networks. For example, this term, we are hosting a networking dinner for one of our sponsors to meet students interested in their summer internship at one of Oxford's most historic colleges; and a presentation and drinks for another to connect them with students looking to apply to their spring insight programme.


Our 6-person Sponsorship Team - and our Officers - are always an email or phone call away to address queries about recruiting at Oxford and feedback on the impact of recruitment efforts.


We are proud that OFS is entirely free for students to access, as widening access to finance is at the core of our mission. As such, our sponsors are crucial in allowing us to deliver for our members.


We prefer to build long-term sponsor relationships through packages tailored to your recruitment needs, but we also offer sponsorship on a one-off basis.

A detailed Sponsorship Guide is available upon request, which includes a statistical breakdown of our membership.

For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to reach out to our team at

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