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Zeb is an internationally renowned consulting company and leads the way in the financial services sector. We see the excellent methodical knowledge and deep sector expertise of our consultants as essential for our successful consulting services. 

Whether it is for the conceptual design and implementation of informative income statements or essential risk quantification and assessment tools, the establishment of risk organization or the improvement of processes and development of an efficient retail organization, zeb has been providing effective support in these and other areas to companies, banks, insurances and other institutions for many years now. 

They offer: 

Innovative and scientifically-founded consulting services and implementation of developed solutions in the areas of human capital, organization and transformation, financial risk management, strategy and sales

Development and introduction of business management software, advisory services regarding IT management, IT system integration or IT strategy and transformation

With nearly 1,000 employees behind our success, zeb develops strategies, visions and company-specific solutions.

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